Abusing laxatives will make you lose weight but at a tremendous cost to your general well being and overall health.

So in short do not use laxatives to control you weight loss program. Laxatives are used to relieve constipation and that’s it. To use them for any other purpose is very dangerous indeed.

Evacuating perfectly good and healthy food from your body can not be good for you. Of course it isn’t.

It’s on par with throwing up after meals. How is you body going to get the nutrients it needs to keep you healthy?

Look we realise that you want to get back a figure you once had or indeed just want to loose that weight for health reasons. Stop yourself getting out of breath when you work. Not being able to do the basic maneuvers.

But if you think taking laxatives are the answer to losing weight, then in our opinion you are sadly very much mistaken!

According to many dietitians and health experts, taking laxatives to lose weight could in fact cause terminal illnesses. Such is the danger.

Typically the symptoms of taking laxatives include,

You will find that your desire to drink water or juice is restricted, causing dehydration.

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Nausea when you do try and eat.

Uncontrollable diarrhea with no idea when you need will need the lavatory.

Potential for bad teeth as laxatives remove the calcium from your body.

Potential for brittle bones for the same reason.

And that’s not including things associated with excess laxative taking such as liver and kidney problems.

Add to that the mental stress you put yourself under because you know that what you are doing is not good for you. You will realise that and depression and low self esteem can be symptomatic.

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But please whether you decide to buy Phen24 or not DO NOT be tempted to go down the road of using laxatives.