Jeremy Likness was just a regular guy who took on the challenge of becoming fit after his body started to deteriorate.

He developed a method that allowed him to lose as much as 65 pounds which made him all the more dedicated towards fitness.

Since then, he has been a certified fitness trainer and an expert in performance nutrition.

Now, he is hoping to help everyone who has been struggling with weight loss all their lives by sharing the techniques he used that made him lose 65 pounds through his eBook Lose Fat, Not Faith.

With over 240 pages, the book begins by focusing on goal setting.

As a fitness coach, Jeremy believes that taking care of the motivational and psychological aspects are critical to your weight loss success.

Then, he offers healthy eating advice that will enable you to adapt this method for the long run instead of just providing temporary weight loss results.

A section is dedicated towards ensuring that you are not only eating a balanced diet but are also getting the proper nutrition that your body needs.

The eBook includes other sections such as an exercise program, a chart that lets you track your progress, workouts for improving specific areas of your body such as abs, and a section on recovery.

Hence, the book is more of a prescription for a total lifestyle change than a weight loss program.


1. The book is focused more on real life applications than theory, which is probably the reason why it claims to have a high success rate.

2. Being more of lifestyle change program as opposed to a weight loss regimen, it covers a holistic approach towards achieving the type of body you want.

There are sections in the book dedicated for the following vital aspects: positive thinking, exercise, and healthy eating habits.

3. There is a specific section dedicated to keeping track of your progress.

4. There is a substantial overview on heart rate training.

5. It comes in two versions: the paperback version (costing $18.99) and the eBook (costing $39.95). Therefore, you have an option to read it on the go or on your desktop.


1. Since it claims to work on concepts and not specifics, this is not a suitable diet book for people with a busy lifestyle. This book does not contain a structured diet plan that you can readily follow.

2. Lifestyle changes can sometimes be difficult to adapt and would probably take a while before you can experience results due to the adjustment period.


Lose Fat, Not Faith is a good book to have either for professional athletes or fitness beginners.

However, Jeremy Likness book caters specifically towards individuals who want to get back on the right track in terms of attaining fitness and taking care of their bodies. This is also a good book to read if you want to stay motivated in your effort to stay in shape.