How do you get your body to burn fat at a faster rate so that you lose weight and body fat?

The rate at which your body converts fat and calories to energy is determined by your metabolism. As you get older your metabolism is affected by many factors which include lack of exercise, diet and insufficent water consumption, just to mention a few.

As a result of the slower metabolism you will find that you simply do not have the energy levels that you once had and you will also notice that you tend to gain weight far quicker and easier than before. In fact it seems as though everything you eat finds a place straight on your waistline.

The fastest way to burn fat is to simply leverage and manipulate your metabolism so that no matter what you do you will be burning more calories and fat doing it.

You can use some “natural” methods to increase your metabolism, or you can use a little help.

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Let us put it in another way.

Your metabolism is like a furnace that drives the steam train. As the fire in the furnace is left unattended and neglected, the fire dwindles and eventually is merely a warm pile of ashes. You can then rekindle the fire by adding more coal and blowing on the fire for hours to get the fire going, or you can simply throw some gasoline on it to get it blazing in seconds.

I personally go for the gasoline route as I simply do not have the time or energy to spend hours on end blowing into the fire.

With your metabolism, to increase it naturally, you need to increase your exercise routine, change your lifestyle and push yourself for hours on end to try and get the fire going again.

The alternative is to use Phen375 which is a synthetic fat burner and which synthesizes your hormones into burning fat faster. The effects on your metabolism are longer term and so you will reap the benefits of burning more fat long after you stop using Phen375.

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