Burn Fat Fast

How do you get your body to burn fat at a faster rate so that you lose weight and body fat?

The rate at which your body converts fat and calories to energy is determined by your metabolism. As you get older your metabolism is affected by many factors which include lack of exercise, diet and insufficent water consumption, just to mention a few.

As a result of the slower metabolism you will find that you simply do not have the energy levels that you once had and you will also notice that you tend to gain weight far quicker and easier than before. In fact it seems as though everything you eat finds a place straight on your waistline.

The fastest way to burn fat is to simply leverage and manipulate your metabolism so that no matter what you do you will be burning more calories and fat doing it.

You can use some “natural” methods to increase your metabolism, or you can use a little help.

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Let us put it in another way.

Your metabolism is like a furnace that drives the steam train. As the fire in the furnace is left unattended and neglected, the fire dwindles and eventually is merely a warm pile of ashes. You can then rekindle the fire by adding more coal and blowing on the fire for hours to get the fire going, or you can simply throw some gasoline on it to get it blazing in seconds.

I personally go for the gasoline route as I simply do not have the time or energy to spend hours on end blowing into the fire.

With your metabolism, to increase it naturally, you need to increase your exercise routine, change your lifestyle and push yourself for hours on end to try and get the fire going again.

The alternative is to use Phen375 which is a synthetic fat burner and which synthesizes your hormones into burning fat faster. The effects on your metabolism are longer term and so you will reap the benefits of burning more fat long after you stop using Phen375.

Burn Fat Fast

Increase metabolism

Increase energy levels

Drop pounds fast

Feel great about yourself

Will taking laxatives help you lose weight – Phen24

Abusing laxatives will make you lose weight but at a tremendous cost to your general well being and overall health.

So in short do not use laxatives to control you weight loss program. Laxatives are used to relieve constipation and that’s it. To use them for any other purpose is very dangerous indeed.

Evacuating perfectly good and healthy food from your body can not be good for you. Of course it isn’t.

It’s on par with throwing up after meals. How is you body going to get the nutrients it needs to keep you healthy?

Look we realise that you want to get back a figure you once had or indeed just want to loose that weight for health reasons. Stop yourself getting out of breath when you work. Not being able to do the basic maneuvers.

But if you think taking laxatives are the answer to losing weight, then in our opinion you are sadly very much mistaken!

According to many dietitians and health experts, taking laxatives to lose weight could in fact cause terminal illnesses. Such is the danger.

Typically the symptoms of taking laxatives include,

You will find that your desire to drink water or juice is restricted, causing dehydration.

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Nausea when you do try and eat.

Uncontrollable diarrhea with no idea when you need will need the lavatory.

Potential for bad teeth as laxatives remove the calcium from your body.

Potential for brittle bones for the same reason.

And that’s not including things associated with excess laxative taking such as liver and kidney problems.

Add to that the mental stress you put yourself under because you know that what you are doing is not good for you. You will realise that and depression and low self esteem can be symptomatic.

If you really are so concerned about your weight that you feel you must use something to help you then maybe a safe, natural ingredient, fat burning pill like Phen24 is the answer.  Never heard of Phen24, then take a moment to click here and read what Phen24 is all about.

But please whether you decide to buy Phen24 or not DO NOT be tempted to go down the road of using laxatives.

True Miracle or Fad of the Month: Yacon Molasses

The world of weight loss is again abuzz with the new word on the street – Yacon Molasses. All the excitement stems from a study published by the U.S. National Center for Biotechnical Information on a group of obese women who had high cholesterol and were suffering from chronic constipation . Some of the women were made to take 4 teaspoons of Yacon syrup every day before meals and the rest were given placebos. After 120 days, the women who took Yacon syrup reported significant weight loss at an average of 33 lbs. with about 4 inches off of their waistlines. The same group of women also reported more bowel movements. No such results were found on the other group who took placebos.

Each bottle of Yacon Molasses contains 16 ounces of syrup extracted from the roots of the Yacon plant which is endemic in the Andes Mountains of South America. The syrup contains a high concentration of fructooligosaccharides which is sugar that is resistant to enzymes in the digestive system. This essentially means most of the syrup is not digested until it reaches the large intestine where it interacts with natural digestive bacteria responsible for metabolism. Fructooligosaccharides or FOS encourages the growth of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium – good bacteria which are responsible for inhibiting weight gain. These same bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids that control the production of cholesterol in the liver as well as Ghrelin, an amino acid hormone that stimulate hunger. In short, the high levels of FOS in Yacon syrup deters obesity, lowers cholesterol, and suppresses appetite. Those clever little natural sugars does not stop there. Because FOS work like soluble fibers, they create more bulk that facilitates better bowel movement. In the NCBI study, the women who had chronic constipation had significantly improved stool elimination.

But Don’t Cancel Your Gym Subscription Yet

If, like many desperate weight watchers, you are now hyperventilating from excitement, hold your horses for just a bit. Like many other soluble fibers, consuming too much Yacon syrup at the wrong time can cause problems like diarrhea, flatulence, and nausea. The best way is to start slow at 1 teaspoon an hour before meals. You can use the syrup as sweetener but the FOS will break down at high temperatures so it loses its efficacy when you use it in cooking or baking.

The Yacon syrup looks very promising considering that it targets the roots of obesity head on. However, like the many other products before it, the effectiveness of the product is not the be-all and end-all of the battle against the bulge. Sure, it will work wonders in helping you shed the pounds quicker but the ultimate challenge is keeping the weight off and for this, you would need more than a teaspoon of miracle.

Consider Yacon Molasses as a big, friendly kick in the butt to get you started on the right track to a healthier weight.

PhenQ Australia

Anybody who wants to look great in outfits should have great body. For this particular reason people run after many weight loss techniques. There are various ways to reduce body fat and usage of medicines is the most common measure. PhenQ is an example of such medicine. It is famous and the safe way to reduce weight for any person.

PhenQ suppresses food craving and increases the metabolism rate of body. However it doesn’t reduce the energy level of a person. PhenQ fat reduction supports side effect free weight loss program. Unlike other pills available in the market it is very much safe and legal and that’s why most of the people in Australia prefer this medicine over other weight loss pills available in the market.  Other pills cause hazardous effects on health of a person and also does not assist in weight loss. The effects of other harmful pills are vomiting, headache, etc.

While using PhenQ proper and balanced diet should be taken along with moderate exercises to keep body functional. It has various ingredients which are useful for the body. It converts glucose and utilize it for metabolism thereby enhances the metabolism rate.

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Tabata Exercises

Tabata exercises are fantastic at building both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. I know people who perform these intervals as their main method of fitness training, probably 4 times per week! (Personally I incorporate these interval sessions only twice per week maximum, amongst other things, as these are extreme workouts.) The basic principle is to perform 20 seconds on ultra-high intensity exercise (all out effort) followed by 10 seconds of rest. This exercise/rest procedure is then repeat 8 times, for a circuit workout time of 4 minutes. Now, 4 minutes doesn’t sound a lot, but believe me it is! After 2 minutes you’ll be wishing for the end. However, as you become fitter and stronger you’ll want to progress. So after your 4 minute workout, rest for 1 minute and then repeat the entire workout. This is a real killer! And for the real tough guys out there, you can build up to 3 circuits. However, I’ve heard people say they can do more . . . but to be honest, I always think that if you can do 4 or more circuits then you obviously aren’t working hard enough during the first 3!

Various Tabata Exercises

The exercise (or exercises) you use will really depend on your ultimate goal. For pure fat burning I prefer running or cycling Tabata training. But rowing, cross training, and even swimming would be fine. But if your ultimate goal is to incorporate muscle strength endurance and tone as well as fat burning, then I think circuit training type exercises are best. Take a look at the following list of exercises that can be used for your Tabata training. This list isn’t exhaustive (there are hundreds of exercises at disposal) but it gives you a good idea of how you can build your sessions. But as always, it’s a good idea to rotate or switch exercises often. This is to develop a full body workout, prevent injury, and keep motivation high.


Press ups

Squat Thrusts

Star Jumps

Dumbbell curls

Shoulder presses





Single Exercise of Exercise Combinations?

Should you pick one exercise for your 8 intervals, or should you choose two and alternate? Or maybe even 8 different exercises? The answer to these questions is purely down to personal choice. If you choose a compound exercise that used multiple muscle groups, like burpees for example, then you could manage an entire 4 minute Tabata workout with just this one exercise. It would be a monster session, but you could do it. If you choose an isolated exercise, like dumbbell curls, then you are unlikely to complete all 8 intervals as these small muscles will be depleted of energy too soon. Of course, you could do this if you had an extremely light set of dumbbells, but that would be cheating and you wouldn’t get any benefit! Personally I like to choose 4 or 8 exercises so I can get more of a full body workout. Each Tabata session I will either perform these exercise in a different order or swap them with other exercises altogether. At the end of the day, be creative. Build a workout that suits you.

Nutrition and Physical Fitness

It still amazes me when I hear people talking about nutrition and physical fitness as if they were completely unrelated. They wonder why, having worked so hard in the gym, that they never manage to get past that plateau. Or even that, having worked so hard in the gym, they are always run down, have the sniffles or sore throat.

For me, the answer is simple. They do not reach their full potential because nutrition and physical fitness go hand in hand.

Pick up a weightlifting book or ask any athlete or read any fitness magazine and they’ll all tell you how the two are inextricably linked.

Okay, most of these athletes are genetically gifted, and all have the greatest of personal trainers and equipment to hand, but if it wasn’t for sound nutrition they wouldn’t have attained their ultimate level of fitness.

But fitness is not only about reaching peak performance in any particular physical area. For example, some of my buddies have extremely good maximum strength. They can lift enormous weights in the gym, far more than I ever could.

But does this make them fitter than me? Healthier than me?

Not at all!

Fitness is about dealing in the best possible way with the stresses that life throws at you – it’s not only about exercise. But it is about warding off illnesses and diseases, and recovering quickly when you get them. It is about maintaining a strong, injury free body. It is about keeping a strong emotional balance.

And the only way this can be achieved is through exercise and a good nutrition plan (and plenty of rest).

That’s why nutrition and physical fitness should always be considered together. The goal of each is the same, and each has a limiting effect without the other.

Nutrition and Your Health

I’ve written a nutrition guide which covers the elements of nutrition and how to construct your healthy diet should you wish to delve right in.

But if you want to understand more about the benefits of both nutrition and exercise then stay right here!

We’ll start with nutrition . . .

The obvious one that we all have to consider at some point is body composition. Or, another way, how fat we are.

Having a knowledge of healthy nutrition will aid you in keeping your weight at an optimum level. Why is this important?

Because obesity has been directly linked with many illnesses and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, and countless others.

So it stands to reason, that maintaining your weight at a healthy optimum should minimise the risk of developing these illnesses.

And then there’s your energy levels . . .

If you were to keep a diary of exactly how you felt after scoffing down a bag of sweets or bar of chocolate, you’d start to see a pattern. Your body reacts to this sudden spike in blood sugar levels by releasing insulin, which converts the excess blood sugar into glycogen (the storage form of sugar).

And this makes you feel lethargic (and possible with low mood). Which leads to eating more sweets or chocolate to pick yourself back up again. And so on . . .

A balanced diet, with a range of carbohydrate sources (I’m thinking complex carbohydrates here), will ensure your energy release is gradual. This prevents the surge of insulin, which in turn keeps your energy levels stable.

Obviously, when it comes to physical exercise, your energy level is key to getting the most out of your sessions.

The benefits of physical exercise are equally important.

Research has shown unequivocally that regular exercise can protect and minimise your risk of contracting the same illnesses and diseases mentioned above under nutrition. So no need to expand on this any further!

And then there’s your energy levels. Have you ever seen a lethargic athlete? Look closely at the people around you. Which or your friends or family are full of energy and live an active lifestyle? And which lead a sedentary lifestyle, unable to participate, falling asleep straight after work?

I expect this answer is like a slap in the face – it’s shockingly obvious! The fit and active friends and family have more energy, lead a fuller life, and are likely more optimistic and happy in general.

Summary of Nutrition and Physical Fitness

Hopefully you can see from the short discussion above that nutrition and physical fitness go hand in hand. Taking each individually, you can see that the health benefits are the same. They both reduce the risk of contracting these deadly illnesses and diseases, and both add to your general well being.

A sound nutrition plan gives you more energy, which in turn leads you to exercise optimally, which gives you even more energy to lead a fuller, happier life!

Lose Fat Not Faith Review

Jeremy Likness was just a regular guy who took on the challenge of becoming fit after his body started to deteriorate.

He developed a method that allowed him to lose as much as 65 pounds which made him all the more dedicated towards fitness.

Since then, he has been a certified fitness trainer and an expert in performance nutrition.

Now, he is hoping to help everyone who has been struggling with weight loss all their lives by sharing the techniques he used that made him lose 65 pounds through his eBook Lose Fat, Not Faith.

With over 240 pages, the book begins by focusing on goal setting.

As a fitness coach, Jeremy believes that taking care of the motivational and psychological aspects are critical to your weight loss success.

Then, he offers healthy eating advice that will enable you to adapt this method for the long run instead of just providing temporary weight loss results.

A section is dedicated towards ensuring that you are not only eating a balanced diet but are also getting the proper nutrition that your body needs.

The eBook includes other sections such as an exercise program, a chart that lets you track your progress, workouts for improving specific areas of your body such as abs, and a section on recovery.

Hence, the book is more of a prescription for a total lifestyle change than a weight loss program.


1. The book is focused more on real life applications than theory, which is probably the reason why it claims to have a high success rate.

2. Being more of lifestyle change program as opposed to a weight loss regimen, it covers a holistic approach towards achieving the type of body you want.

There are sections in the book dedicated for the following vital aspects: positive thinking, exercise, and healthy eating habits.

3. There is a specific section dedicated to keeping track of your progress.

4. There is a substantial overview on heart rate training.

5. It comes in two versions: the paperback version (costing $18.99) and the eBook (costing $39.95). Therefore, you have an option to read it on the go or on your desktop.


1. Since it claims to work on concepts and not specifics, this is not a suitable diet book for people with a busy lifestyle. This book does not contain a structured diet plan that you can readily follow.

2. Lifestyle changes can sometimes be difficult to adapt and would probably take a while before you can experience results due to the adjustment period.


Lose Fat, Not Faith is a good book to have either for professional athletes or fitness beginners.

However, Jeremy Likness book caters specifically towards individuals who want to get back on the right track in terms of attaining fitness and taking care of their bodies. This is also a good book to read if you want to stay motivated in your effort to stay in shape.

Experience Secure Muscle Pain Alleviation At New York Gym

People who spend time doing exercises on the ideal environment might mind the experience really fun. For example, you can’t make the very best of your training when the people around you make your experience dry and boring by not joining or not being devoted at all. But when you stay in the gym, youll find the driving force that will pursue your goals, making it easier for you to get results. Trainees who join the New York fitness are more likely to achieve more than what they expected, even to people who have set higher goals.

It’s challenging to find training programs that can give you the motivation to reach newer heights in physical fitness. Well, you are in luck because a New York gym does. Training sessions could last for a long time and you mind find problems on the way, but physical training causes your body to get energized and push further until the end of the session. Even though this is very challenging and will help you stay in motion, but this is enjoyable to do and at the same time you have the opportunity to make new friends. Is your whole being ready to experience this? You could only witness the efficiency of the training conducted by Baton Rogue gym after you used it yourself.

You will be participating in thrilling exercise routines here. The workouts are exciting since trainers have established their own exercises. Basically, they won’t make you do the same thing day in and day out. Everything will be different on a day to day basis so that you don’t become bored. Other programs don’t apply such making people quit eventually. Being motivated and open-minded for various training methods are necessary to achieve your goal.

The program involves the security of their trainees into their priorities. The program needs you to give your very best while ensuring security always. You need to participate in these sessions in order for you to have results. Amazing results and health advantages are reached by those who spent time properly on training sessions. If you will attentively pay attention to the tips of your trainers, then it will happen.

The Power of Positive thinking toward weight loss

A positive mind-set is incredibly crucial if you want to accomplish your quick weight loss program. In contrast, negative mentality can prevent a person from attaining the goal of quick weight loss. Following are some tips to help you achieve your goal of fast weight loss.

Quick Weight Loss Program

The change of mind-set can make a difference. If you visualize yourself at present, you possibly see yourself as an overweight person. You may even hate yourself. This is the reason why you can’t lose your weight. However, the positive mind-set will determine the result of your weight loss goal. Therefore, visualize yourself as a slim person. Then, the result will be definitely amazing.

Usually, quick weight loss cant be achieved so fast. However, the success of your fast weight loss starts with asking the right question.

Why do you want to lose weight? What is the reason why you really want to lose weight? Are you presently feeling upset with the ridicule from your friends and even strangers? Or maybe you are not being asked for a date lately? Regardless of what the reason is, it is important for you to write it down. You ought to be sincere with yourself and no matter how big or small your problem may sound to you, you are recommended to write it down.

Get for yourself many Post

It-Notes and write down the listed reasons on all of them. Then, stick them on various clearly visible spots in your house such as the fridge and the mirror in your bathroom to frequently remind you of your problem. The notes will serve as a trigger to reinforce your desire to lose weight.

Get motivated by goal setting: You need to set the targeted goal for weight loss by making the use of BMI index chart. Then you need to subtract your current weight from your targeted goal. The remainder is what you need to lose.

After you have done this, you need to stay motivated by the use of the listed reasons. For instance, if you want to have a body like a movie star, post pictures of the movie star together with your current picture at different corners of your house to motivate you to keep working on weight loss. As a matter of fact, how you really perceive yourself will determine the ultimate outcome

On a final note, there is a quick weight loss program that can revolutionize your approach toward quick weight loss. If you want to learn more, click here for more information.

How To Get That Beach Body

While the summer brings plenty of opportunities to get out and about, enjoying the sun and all the wonderful activities summer has to offer, many people can often become self-conscious about showing off their body in public.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, getting that beach body is something that many people aspire to, but few manage to achieve. It could be long work hours, other tasks or a lack of motivation but many people find it difficult to drag themselves to the gym day in and day out in order to carry out the work needed to lose weight and get in better shape.

However, while that ultimate beach body is a long term goal in itself, there are a number of things you can do in order to help you keep going until you have achieve the level of fitness and physique that you desire.

Weekly Weight Targets

Setting yourself weekly weight targets allows you to not only keep a strong hold on your weight, but motivates you to eat right and exercise. Whether you reach your target or not, it will serve as a strong motivational factor to keep working hard as you either want to further experience the joy of reaching your weekly weight goal or strive to meet a target you may have missed this week.

Take Part In A Fun Run or Charity Event

With increased exercise comes better fitness and performance. After you have carried out a few training sessions, you may look at giving a fun run or local charitable event a go to test out your fitness levels. Not only will this further increase your fitness levels, it will always help you raise funds for a much needed cause while building up your confidence by appearing in public in your workout clothing. However, this doesn’t mean you have to wear as little as possible.

As you are taking part in a charitable event, you may want to have your own charity t-shirt or other personalised sportswear for you to wear when taking part in the event. This will provide a great memento for the occasion while serving as a motivation tool during your workouts. For more information on how you can get a range of promotional printed t-shirts for either yourself or a business click here.

Countdown To Your Holiday

Although it’s an old clique seem in many movies to signify a passage of time, crossing each date off on your calendar, counting down the days to your holiday will help motivate you. Not only will it allow you to reflect on how far your fitness levels have come since you originally began working towards your goal, seeing how many days you have left before your holiday will make you push yourself as hard as you possibly can to get that beach body you desire.

Eat Right

Having a healthy balanced diet really is one of the crucial factors needed to help get that beach body. It’s no good spending hours in the gym, burning off far, only to go home and put it all back on with an unhealthy meal. When working out on a regular basis you should have a healthy diet that compliments the work you do and when you do it. This means not only eating plenty of fruit and vegetables but lean meats and planning your meals around your workouts. If you workout a few times a day, you may want to have 5 smaller meals a day, rather than 3 large ones. This will allow you to keep your body with plenty of energy throughout the entire day.

Have a Training Partner

When working out although it’s a battle of mind over body, more often than not it’s the mind that lets us down before the body, giving up before we have truly pushed ourselves. Having someone workout with you on a regular basis allows them to not only motivate you to keep going through their own performance, but also allows then to give you pep talks and other motivational speeches to stop you giving up.

Each of these tasks will help keep you on track improving your fitness, self-confidence and most importantly, getting you on that beach to show off the body you have worked so hard on.